2016 Programme

08:30 - 09:00

Welcome coffee

09:00 - 11:00

Plenary session 1: Navigating through change

Main Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, level 5 

If the Asia Pacific region remains the growth driver of the global duty free & travel retail industry, it is nonetheless facing a period of intense change and volatility. Exchange rate fluctuations, geo-political tensions and slower economic progress in key markets – notably China – are having a significant impact on the brands and retailers who have become accustomed to uninterrupted growth in Asia Pacific. And it is not just the context surrounding the industry that is changing – the way in which consumers behave is also evolving at a rapid pace, driven by a new generation of travellers whose priorities are very different from those of their parents.

This year’s TFWA Asia Pacific Conference was themed Navigating through change, and explored the various changes influencing our industry’s progress in the region, from the macro-economic context to the shifting corporate landscape. The event also looked in detail at the needs and expectations of younger travellers, to whom the industry must adapt if it is to flourish.

In a change to the format of previous years, the Conference featured two plenary sessions during the morning, followed by three themed, simultaneous workshops after lunch. At the close of the conference at 16:00, delegates were invited to attend an informal networking session and enjoy the refreshments provided.

Erik Juul-Mortensen
, President, Tax Free World Association
At a time of instability in Asia Pacific and beyond, TFWA President Erik Juul-Mortensen presented the latest available data on travel retail performance and commented on the changes that are shaping the industry, on a regional and global level
Download Erik Juul-Mortensen's presentation (pdf - 13,0MB)

Jaya Singh
, Director, Head of Global Accounts, Mondelez World Travel Retail and President, Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association
As part of its mission to represent and promote the regional industry, APTRA plays a key role in monitoring the shifts and trends that will have an impact on its members. President Jaya Singh presented APTRA’s vision of the challenges ahead for travel retail in Asia Pacific.
Download Jaya Singh's presentation (pdf - 3,3MB)

Our keynote speakers this year were well placed to explore the impact of change on economies and businesses in Asia Pacific, and to help those businesses chart a course to success.

Kishore Mahbubani
, author, diplomat, Dean of the Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy
Kishore Mahbubani is one of the most respected voices in Asia. A prolific writer and former Singaporean ambassador to the UN, he has a unique perspective on Asian and global affairs, and on the role the region can and should play on the world stage. Prof Mahbubani addressed the current political and economic challenges facing Asia Pacific, and the implications for companies in the region.

Mike Walsh, futurist, author and CEO of Tomorrow
In a world subject to disruptive changes that are forcing companies to constantly reassess their strategies, what will tomorrow look like for the duty free & travel retail industry? “21st century business designer” Mike Walsh is a global authority on the subject of disruptive change, and advises business leaders on how to thrive in volatile times.

The plenary session was moderated by John Rimmer, Conference, Research and Corporate Affairs Director, Tax Free World Association.

11:00 - 11:30

Business networking with coffee

11:30 - 13:15

Plenary session 2: Navigating through change

Main Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, level 5 

In this session of the TFWA Asia Pacific Conference, delegates heard from the CEOs of two of the retailers that have helped shape duty free & travel retail as we know it today. They gave their vision of the evolving industry landscape, of emerging consumer and travel trends, and how they are adapting their companies’ strategies accordingly.

During this session, delegates heard from the head of the world’s leading luxury travel retailer: Philippe Schaus, CEO of DFS Group. Amid challenging times in Asia in particular, Schaus explained how the retailer is adapting to change, and creating a platform for durable growth.

Fresh from key contract gains in the Middle East and Australasia, Aer Rianta International is one of the companies seeking to extend its footprint in the region. The company’s CEO Jack MacGowan addressed delegates on the regional ambitions of one of the industry’s longest established operators.

At a time of rapid expansion for Taiwan’s leading travel retailer, Ever Rich Corporation President Kevin Chiang explained how his company is investing for the future, both on- and off-airport.

Both morning sessions were moderated by John Rimmer, Conference, Research and Corporate Affairs Director, Tax Free World Association.

Jack Mac Gowan's presentation (pdf - 4,0MB)
Kevin Chiang's presentation (pdf - 3,5MB)

13:15 - 14:30

Business networking lunch

Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5

14:30 - 16:00

Workshop A: Off-airport duty free: Asia Pacific’s powerhouse

Main Ballroom, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5

Airport retail may remain our industry’s largest, highest-profile sector, but available data suggests that faster growth is being registered beyond the confines of the airport – in downtown duty free outlets, or in other large-scale retail environments with duty free status. In Asia Pacific in particular, ambitious off-airport projects are under way that are redefining the scope of the travel retail industry. 

In this session, entitled Off-airport duty free: Asia Pacific’s powerhouse, retailers active in the sector explored and explained some of the major retail projects in development. The session also looked at product trends, customer behaviour and other factors that differentiate the market from other sectors within the industry.

Speakers included Amos Xu, Deputy General Manager and Investment & Procurement Director at Haikou Meilan Airport Duty Free, leader of three ambitious off-airport duty free projects under way on Hainan Island in China;  Hyunah Ahn, Integrated Marketing Communications Director at Hanwha Galleria Timeworld Co. Ltd, operator of a number of Galleria Duty Free outlets in Korea; and Peter Mohn, Owner and CEO of m1nd-set, author of a major recent report on downtown duty free shoppers in Asia.

This session was moderated by Dermot Davitt, President, The Moodie Davitt Report.

Amos Xu's presentation (pdf - 2,7MB)
Hyunah Ahn's presentation (pdf - 3.4MB)
Peter Mohn's presentation (pdf - 3,7MB)

14:30 - 16:00

Workshop B: Tracking the Millennial traveller

Breakout Room 1, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5

How can our industry remain – some might say, become – relevant to a new generation of travellers whose priorities, needs and expectations are very different to those of their parents?

Arguably, the most profound changes facing our industry are linked to changes in consumer behaviour, driven by the emerging generation of “Millennials”. A clearer understanding of the factors shaping their brand and travel choices, along with their perceptions of traditional retail, is essential for the duty free & travel retail industry to prosper in the years ahead.

The Tracking the Millennial traveller workshop heard the perspectives of two influential Singapore-based bloggers and influencers, Uli Chan and Christabel Chua, who shared their perspectives on how they and their peers shop, travel and engage with brands. Delegates also heard from Grant Fleming, Operations and Marketing Director Asia at Lagardère Travel Retail, one of Asia Pacific’s leading operators, and from Cheryl Lim, Partner, McKinsey & Company.

This session was moderated by Charlotte Turner, Editor, The Travel Retail Business.

Download Uli Chan's presentation (pdf - 2,0MB)
Download Christabel Chua's presentation (pdf - 0,6MB)
Download Grant Fleming's presentation (pdf - 7,0MB)
Download Cheryl Lim's presentation (pdf - 0,9MB)

14:30 - 16:00

Workshop C: Safeguarding our industry’s future

Breakout Room 2, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5

During volatile times, it is even more important for the various stakeholders in the duty free & travel retail industry to be aware of potential threats to growth. Such threats are numerous, in Asia Pacific and worldwide; among other issues, they concern packaging regulations, air passenger rights, and restrictions on categories such as liquor and tobacco. A clear understanding of the implications of these issues, and of the action needed to confront them, is essential for all those who wish to see our industry develop and thrive.

In this open forum, delegates heard from the industry representatives who are leading the dialogue with governmental and other authorities on the issues that directly concern duty free & travel retail. The latest industry data, including highlights of the recent Economic Impact Study commissioned by the Duty Free World Council, were also presented.

All delegates, including trade press, were encouraged to attend a session that addressed the most pressing issues requiring action and a united front from our industry – across all regions and product categories.

Speakers included European Travel Retail Confederation President Sarah Branquinho, Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association Board Member and Melbourne Airport Chief Commercial Officer Andrew Gardiner, Duty Free World Council President Frank O’Connell and GfK Global Head Travel & Hospitality Laurens van den Oever, who presented some of the company’s latest data on the travelling, connected consumer.

This session was moderated by Michael Barrett, Executive Officer, Asia Pacific Travel Retail Association.

Download Sarah Branquinho's presentation (pdf - 1,0MB)
Download Andrew Gardiner's presentation (pdf - 1,8MB)
Download Frank O'Connell's presentation (pdf - 1,2MB)
Download Laurens van den Oever's presentation (pdf - 1,5MB)

16:00 - 17:00

Afternoon networking session with refreshments

Foyer area, Marina Bay Sands Expo & Convention Centre, Level 5


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