The MEADFA Conference 2015


Onwards and upwards

09/12/2013. The Middle East’s relentless rise has been a constant of global duty free for more than two decades, and last month’s MEADFA Conference in Qatar further underlined that trend.

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Exploration and Interaction in Doha

13/11/2013. The fast-approaching 2013 MEADFA Conference at Doha’s Ritz Carlton Hotel in Qatar (25-26 November) has made delegate participation an integral part of its programme, with several innovations to enhance the visitor experience.

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Shifting sands

06/09/2013. For several years the home to some of the most ambitious airport developments in the world, the Middle East is no stranger to change. It’s only natural, then, that the 2013 MEADFA Conference at Doha’s Ritz Carlton Hotel in Qatar (25-26 November) should reflect the evolving nature of travel retail in the region.

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Packing a punch

06/12/2012. “We’re a small region punching far above our weight “ was how John Sime, MEDFA President, described the Middle East in the eleventh MEDFA Conference’s opening address.

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Eyes on the prize

16/10/2012. Long a rising star in the global travel-retail skies, the Middle East continues to shine. With passenger growth consistently in double figures, some of the world’s newest airports and a burgeoning airline sector, the region could be excused a self-centred perspective, but as the forthcoming MEDFA Conference (26-27 November in Dubai) will underline, the focus is firmly on the overseas markets fuelling its current and future growth.

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