“Good things only happen if we make them happen”

Back in 2005, the TFWA Management Committee voted to formalize the Association’s support of charity projects and worthy causes through the creation of TFWA Care.

The mission of TFWA Care is to distribute financial resources to humanitarian organizations or charities which benefit people – especially women and children – through tangible, start-to-finish projects enabling recipients to help themselves to improve their lives.

TFWA Care aims to select a small number of causes that meet these criteria and which have a special attachment to TFWA and/or any of its members. In 2013, TFWA Care donated a total of €364,000 to ten different projects across the world. The activity report for each project can be viewed in the respective association’s page in the Members Only area of the website.

At its December 2013 meeting, the TFWA Management Committee voted to grant a further €402,000 to enable a total of thirteen projects to be carried out during 2014.

To learn more about the projects being supported by TFWA Care in 2014, follow the links below.

“Breaking the poverty cycle: enacting training programmes to give marginalized youths in India a better chance of employment”

“Lupus Make-up Lessons: improving the quality of life of women suffering from cutaneous lupus erythematosus, a painful skin disease”

“Providing beauty treatments supporting the important role that self-esteem can play in women’s recovery from illness”

“Safeguarding the education of young people in the Inle Lake region of rural Myanmar”

“Finding practical solutions to improve the day-to-day life of children and adults suffering from cerebral palsy”

“Helping rural communities in Vietnam improve food yields through the Enhanced Homestead Food Production programme”

“Educating and empowering women in Bangalore through the GRACE programme: Grass Roots Action for Community Empowerment”

“Changing children’s lives through school-building in remote areas of northern India”

“Improving the lives of the vulnerable people of the San Bushman community in Epukiro, Namibia through education, healthcare and better living conditions”

“Fighting the spread of infectious diseases among women and children on Nosy Komba island in Madagascar through the improvement of sanitation and health education”

“Research into a new rapid screening process to identify compounds which can reverse the debilitating autistic disorder affecting young girls”

“Building a better future for Cambodia through education, at the Happy Chandara school for girls near Phnom Penh”